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Stop the spread
of Malware
on your PC today!

Viruses and Malware are more and more common today. It’s easier than ever for hackers to infect innocent computers and cause major damage. They can record passwords, credit cards and other private information as well as slow down or even crash your computer.

With our services you can revive your old PC and get rid of all the viruses and malware that take up system resources and slow down your computer.

Get your old PC running like new again today!

Computer Repair,
Network Setup,
and Upgrades

Having problems starting your computer or getting random blue screens and reboots?

You may be having some hardware issues, but no worries. Hard drives or RAM can be swapped out much cheaper than buying a new computer.

We offer full service computer repair with most repairs done on-site. We also can configure your wireless or wired network, solve printer problems and much more...

Gadget Lessons

Did you just buy a new Tablet, Smart Phone or Laptop for yourself or a loved one? Do you feel lost in all the new features or need help setting it up on your home network?

We can help! We are familiar with all of today’s new electronics. We can come to your home and sit with you to show you how to work each feature. Forget about reading a 200 page manual, Hire a Nerd Instead!

Confused about what electronic device to buy?

We can give you the right advice without the hassle of walking into a big store and dealing with the pushy salesmen or biased product pitches. We can also buy it for you and make sure you get the absolute lowest price!

Ask a Nerd for help!

We have extensive experience in all the latest hardware and can custom build a PC tailored to your specific needs. Ranging from a standard desktop for home internet use to a custom overclocked media center or gaming rig with liquid cooling. We can also build storage RAIDs for home or business users that require large secure redundant storage.

Building a new computer isn't as expensive as you might think. If you've used a Dell, HP or other name brand PC, then you’re in for a treat. We only use top quality hardware instead of 'reference' budget parts like the big companies. Every computer is built by hand specifically for the customer’s needs and must pass a 24 hour stability test under a severe load. Each part also goes through rigorous testing before its final assembly. Most parts are backed by a three year, five year, or lifetime manufactures warranty. For a small fee, we can warranty the entire computer and all parts for up to five years and provide replacement parts on-site should a part ever fail. No need for you to worry about sending in a graphics card or RAM for an RMA procedure.

We also specialize in small form (and large) HD media centers. We can build one computer to run up to six HD TVs in your house through HDMI, or build you a book size machine for one TV. Whatever your needs are, we can build it... Contact us for computer repair, network repair, and more (248) 308-4364.